“I was a stranger and you took me in”.

Africa Missions Save Africa project is a Social Action driven initiative. It is a mission to save the future of the vulnerable in Africa such as the destitute, Street children, prostitutes, drug addicts, widows, homeless, jobless and orphans. Many children worldwide are subjected to the worst forms of child labor, including trafficking and poor educational assessments. Save Africa project involves partnership with NGOs committed to rehabilitation, resettlement, orphanage, skills acquisition, poverty eradication, empowerment, education, discipleship, mentoring, scholarships and talent development of these categories of people in African communities.

Additionally, Missionaries become strangers in a foreign land; Save Africa program facilitates accommodation and accommodation facilities of missionaries in foreign countries.

Our focus is to build a healthy mindset of the most vulnerable Africans and to also provide a discipleship platform. Save Africa projects are tagged “JESUS THE SAVIOUR”

In 2014, AMCA embarked on skills acquisition and empowerment initiatives to eradicate poverty for women and widows that are either infected or affected with HIV/AIDS in Uganda

In the light of the above, a women Empowerment Centre was renovated and equipped with sewing machines and converters in the Kawempe community. The Centre provides women with the necessary training and tools to create an array of products that can contribute to their income and family welfare. The premise of our vision is based on “give a woman some money and she’ll be able to support her family for a little time. Teach her how to make money and she’ll support her family for a lifetime” The Centre is up and running till date. AMCA hopes to replicate the Empowerment Centre in Kampala and Kabale in the Western part of Uganda.

Similarly, a Vocational Centre was commissioned in the Kabale community