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Africa Missions Global mandate is being presented and carried out under the following initiatives: Compassion, Social action and Church/Missionary support.


  • SavEAfrica: Increase capacity building projects in line with soul winning mostly in the rural areas.
  • RestorEAfrica : Engage subject matter experts in leading projects in their areas of specialization
  • Carry out effective feasibility studies before commencement of projects

Social Action

  • FreEAFRICA: Increase volunteer pool
  • Get more buy-in from pastors
  • Find more ways of raising funds through owning business ventures or the like
  • Corporate funding by partnering with Christian-based organizations
  • Register with and get an exemption from operating countries to ease the movement of funds, goods and currency

Church/Missionary Support

  • Increase support for missionaries and their families on ground
  • Help missionaries and their families to settle in their new environment.
  • Focus on projects in countries where there are no RCCG parishes for the purpose of establishing RCCG parishes.

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